Mechanical and electrical overhaul
of a pre-owned hydraulic press

The project: Mechanical and electrical general overhaul of a pre-owned hydraulic press for a leading aluminium forming company.

The challenge in this project was to completely overhaul the 45-year old hydraulic press. And this in as short a time as possible, without great restrictions for production. The main work had to be carried out during the work’s holidays.

Both a mechanical and a general electrical overhaul of the hydraulic press were ordered. When work was completed, the machine had to comply with the latest legal requirements and be given an EC Declaration of Conformity. 


General overhaul with lasting effect


After more than 45 years in use, a press has usually gone through its life cycle. Our customer was therefore faced with the decision to purchase a new hydraulic press or to completely overhaul the old machine. In the interests of sustainability and the conservation of resources, it was decided to bring the ageing hydraulic press up to the state of the art.


Together with the customer, a detailed requirement specification was drawn up. Before the start of the project, the customer set up a warehouse with the necessary components. At the same time, the new control cabinet and the modern control system for the press were designed. Naturally on the basis of current legal regulations.


Then the actual general overhaul by our technicians started. The old components were removed and properly disposed of. The pipework of the press was completely renewed and the press was equipped with new hydraulics and modern drives. The cable harnesses were newly installed in the machine and the control system was also programmed according to the customer's requirements.


After about 6 weeks, the work was completed and the first test runs were carried out with the press. Finally, the machine was fine-tuned on the basis of specific customer requirements, such as setting the program units on the controller or the light curtains.


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