Dismantling of a pre-owned mechanical transfer press while production is running

The project: Dismantling of a mechanical transfer press during ongoing production for a Tier 1 supplier to the automotive industry.

The challenge for us with many dismantling projects lies in the fact that they have to be carried out during ongoing production. Mostly, the production comes first. The presses must therefore be removed without affecting the production processes. In addition, the safety regulations of the legislator and the customer must be taken into account.

The difficulty with this project was that space was extremely limited. Because of the structure of the building, a wall was built around the press. On the side in the upper area of the press head, there was therefore only approx. 1.5 m of working space available on each side. There was also a large cellar around the machine.

The situation was aggravated by the fact that no other machines could be moved to ensure a sufficient transport route inside the building. This called for precision work.


Press dismantling under difficult conditions


At the start of the project, the machine location of the transfer press was visited on site with the seller and our dismantling partner.


Since the ceiling load was not sufficient for the heavy transfer press, the basement space was supported to increase the point load and avoid the risk of collapse.


The width of the passage was also measured, as there is often not enough space along the route due to storage, machinery or load-bearing supports.


Based of the data collected, a joint decision was made on the use of special equipment such as a lifting frame and trolley.


The detailed project plan includes a plan for the internal transport routes and a schedule for the transport of the press, as there was not enough space for interim storage.



Everything fitted perfectly. This meant the mechanical transfer press could be removed on schedule. At the same time, production continued without interruption.


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