Professional assembly and dismantling of presses and coil lines

The skilled personnel will professionally remove the pre-owned presses and install them precisely in your production environment. This allows you to use the pre-owned machines in production as quickly as possible. In order to guarantee the faultless dismantling and assembly of pre-owned presses and coil lines, we only work with our own skilled personnel or specialised partners commissioned by us. All employees have many years of practical experience in the dismantling and assembly of the various types of machines – mechanical C-frame presses, hydraulic C-frame presses, mechanical double column presses, high speed presses, hydraulic double column presses and coil lines. Targeted further training ensures that employees are always kept up to date with the latest knowledge.

An overview of the dismantling & assembly of pre-owned presses & coil lines:

  • Complete organisation from planning and dismantling to delivery, assembly and commissioning
  • Central contact person for the entire project
  • Common on-site appointments for coordination
  • Creation of precise time schedules
  • Organisation of cranes, lifting frames and means of transport
  • Insurance cover for the period of dismantling, assembly and commissioning


Successfully reaching your goal
with professional planning.

When working with Pressen HAAS, you can be certain that your production will continue without expensive downtimes or interruptions – even while the machines are removed and reassembled.


  • Dismantling by outstanding skilled personnel
  • Assembly - where possible - by the same personnel as dismantling


  • Consideration of specific factors, e.g. use of gantry for lifting heavy head sections
  • Use of suitable lifting and slinging equipment (armoured rollers, truck-mounted cranes, lifting frame, etc.)


  • Before the assembly, we will visit your plant to see the site where the machine will be installed to plan further steps with you.



Mario Kosjerina

Dipl. Wirt. Ing. (FH)
Managing Director

t. +49 7574 599 759
m. +49 172 730 19 72