Removing a pre-owned hydraulic press
under extreme work conditions

The project: Dismantling of a pre-owned hydraulic press at one of the world's leading companies in the electronics industry.

The challenge in this project was to install the hydraulic press in a new building. Originally, the roller shutter and the hall were of sufficient height. Over the years, a false ceiling was installed in the hall. This meant that the hydraulic press could no longer be transported out of the hall along the original route.

The press therefore had to be placed on its side in the hall between other production machines, transported through the production hall with special equipment and moved through a roller shutter. This had exactly the same width as the dimensions of the machine.


The perfect dismantling solution – even when space is tight


At the start of the project, the exact procedure for removing the press was agreed with the customer and our experienced dismantling partner on site.


Precise plans for the internal transport routes and a time schedule for the dismantling were also drawn up, as the hydraulic press could not be stored temporarily.


For this project, a partner that had special equipment of its own design was selected. Dismantling of the press with conventional equipment was simply not possible under the given conditions.


The pre-owned hydraulic press was transported out of the hall by two boom trucks that could be driven unmanned. Thanks to the use of hydraulic cylinders, the machine could easily be tilted and driven through the narrow roller shutter.


The press was shrink-wrapped for safe transport to the customer.



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