TF GmbH TFA 1001 S

Peso máx. de la bobina500 kg
Anchura bobina41 mm
Ø exterior de la bobina1.000 mm
Espaciado250 - 500 mm
Velocidad de operación20 m / min
Potencia eléctrica instalada0,5 c. V.
Dimensiones1.000 x 850 x 1.700 mm
Peso de la máquina ca.200 kg
número de máquina1964
año de construccion2003


Direction of movement is either from left to right or from right to left. The direction of movement can be chosen with a selector switch.

The loop control is realized with an infrared sensor. Due to direction of movement the infrared sensor tests the upper or lower position of the loop.

Winding speed is 20 turns/minute or 35 turns/minute.&nbsp,

Main drive with a frequency-controlled unitworm gear motor.

Diameter control of the coil with an infrared sensor.

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