AP&T ZL-8000-26/20

Pressure total800 тон
Stroke900 мм
Высота установки1.900 мм
Ширина прохода2.820 мм
Расстояние между стойками F-B2.050 x 1.900 мм
Table surface area 2.600 x 2.000 мм
Ram surface area2.800 x 2.000 мм
Vertikale Verstellbarkeit der oberen Platte600 мм
Die Weight total30 тон
Скорость подхода600 мм / сек
Рабочая скорость21 мм / сек
Скорость возврата400 мм / сек
Required power252 кВ
Размеры Д x Ш x В6.400 x 5.500 x 8.100 мм
Weight of machine approx.96 тон
Серийный номер
Год выпуска2008

Дополнительное оборудование

moving bolster 


Hot-Froming plant consisting of:

AP & T hydr. Press ZL-8000-26 / 20 built in 2008

Schwartz roller hearth furnace GA1665 built in 2008

BSN walking beam furnace 1203 built in 2014

Board loader GPA built in 2012


Both ovens are gas-heated in the first 2/3 and the last third has electric heating.


Both ovens are gas tight, i. different atmospheres can also be generated, e.g. with nitrogen for uncoated materials.


The entire complex has a guest panel that allows both nitrogen operation and dried air operation.


The Schwartz oven also has an endogas generator that does almost the same thing as nitrogen operation.


The assets are dismantled and stored

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