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V 160 WR

Pressure160 ton
Ram stroke adjustable20 - 180 mm
Ram adjustment80 mm
Shut height (stroke down, adjustment up)450 mm
Free lateral opening F-B520 mm
Table surface area 1.420 x 900 mm
Ram surface area1.110 x 720 mm
Hole in table1.100 x 200 mm
Number of strokes25 - 100 s.p.m.
Required power28 kW
Height over floor approx.3.800 mm
Weight of machine approx.28 ton
Serial number -
Construction year 1979


The Press is in a very good condition and equipped with 8-times slide guiding, electr.-hydr. overload system, Vibration damper, and transmission gear.

Can be inspected in our warehouse. Available now. 


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