Komatsu E4S 800-MB

Pressure total800 ton
Ram stroke800 mm
Slide adjustment65 mm
Shut height (stroke down, adjustment up)1200 mm
Free frontal opening L-R3240 mm
Table surface area 2800 x 1800 mm
Slide area2800 x 1800 mm
Die cushion capacity in table150 ton
Die cushion stroke165 mm
Die cushion pad area2200 x 1300 mm
Number of strokes14 - 22 s.p.m.
Cushion pressure in ram70 ton
Cushion stroke150 mm
No. of moving bolster2 pcs.
Die weight at the ram max.10 ton
Die Weight on table max.20 ton
Required power160 kW
Height over floor approx.10800 mm
Table height over floor500 mm
Weight of machine approx.195 ton
Serial number19DR259
Construction year1997


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